Every year MISA is an very importance festival to encourage young generation to participate in volunteer activities. MISA aim to provide a platform for every universities students and music lovers have a better opportunity to doing art practices, cultivate their social practice abilities, enabling them to accumulate more valuable experience in the festival and also further stimulate their interest in music.

From 2010 MISA to 2015 MISA, every year, nearly hundred of volunteers working for the MISA, full of passion and sweat, each wonderful performance is inseparable from the volunteers' hard work. 2016 MISA as usual welcome various universities students and the social volunteers to participate. There are variety of jobs, such as the artist receiving, customer service, on-site coordination, ticket sales assistant, photography, designer, website update and so on, in order to make sure that every volunteers’ ability get into full play. As a result, they can enjoy music, communicating with artists, accumulating work experience and also enriched the summer life by participating MISA such large activities.

Youth career experience Day

As the MISA will enter into the seventh year, the fourth "Youth Career Experience Day" is also coming soon. This year, “Youth Career Experience Day" first cooperate with the project of “Very Young Composer” which will been played in Shanghai Symphony Chamber Hall at 8th of July. The works from local Shanghai Students will be performed by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra together, after the careful selection and arrangement of work.

It will definitely really be a “Youth Day” in 8th of July. All the basis reception work for audience will be doing by teenagers, as a reporter and also digging the highlight of activities to totally create a "young" concert atmosphere.