2017 Music in the Summer Air (MISA) will be held from July 2nd to July 15th. MISA needs your participation and support!

MISA is a grand festival with volunteers’ glory! In MISA 2010 to 2016, nearly one hundred volunteers participated with enthusiasm and perspiration in the music festivals, and every wonderful performance is inseparable from volunteers’ hard work.

2017 MISA will continue developing occupational experience activities for adolescents aging from 10 to 18 and young people aging above 18. It is expected to enroll more than 40 adolescent volunteers and more than 90 young volunteers. Abundant posts are available, such as artists reception, site coordinator, ticket sales assistant, theater customer service executive, photographer, media reports filling specialist, concert hall on-site attendant and marketing personnel... There must be a position for you and your talents can be brought into full play! Welcome to join the teams of MISA volunteers and let’s have a wonderful summer!

Registration Methods and Attentions for Young volunteers (More than 18 Years Old):
Registration Method:
1. Please download the “2017 MISA Volunteers Recruitment Information” and carefully read descriptions of each jobs, our requirements for each post and attentions for registration;
2. Please download the “2017 MISA Volunteers Registration Form” and carefully fill in each item of registration form according to our requirements;
3. Please send your registration form to e-mail: oni810422@126.com before May 25th.

1. Please accurately provide the following information in the registration form: your name, gender, age, telephone, workplace or school, e-mail and your photos. If the information above is not complete, we will not ensure you will have a chance for an interview;
2.Please rename the registration form in the way of “name + group”, such as “WANG Ming + artists reception”.
Registration Time: from now to May 25, 2017.

Youth career experience Day(10- 18 Years Old):
As the MISA will enter into the eighth year, the fifth "Youth Career Experience Day" is also coming soon. This year, “Youth Career Experience Day" cooperate with the project of “Very Young Composer” which will been played in Shanghai Symphony Chamber Hall at 8th of July. The works from local Shanghai Students will be performed by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, after the careful selection and arrangement of work. It will definitely really be a “Youth Day” in 8th of July. All the basis reception work for audience will be doing by teenagers, as a reporter and also digging the highlight of activities to totally create a "young" concert atmosphere.
More Information:http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/62elb2ooRheoeGB7Sfr21w
Apply Now:http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/62elb2ooRheoeGB7Sfr21w

This program is proudly produced in conjunction with the AEP-China project supported by Volkswagen Group China.