Within 14 days of the 2011 MISA, there totally had 15 concerts, 13 outdoor activities, including five home and foreign symphony orchestra, three chorus, six conductors, 16 soloists and singers on the stage, more than 18000 viewers went to seen these exciting music scene. 2011 MISA provides not only the traditional classical music repertoire, but also includes the jazz and modern music. There were several highlights, including romantic piano master Pogorelich first Chinese performance, Barenboim Conducted West-Eastern Divan Orchestra; Sketch by Cellist Wang Jian and guitarist Yang Xuefei; Li yundi and Dutoit performed with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra brought liszt's “Piano Concerto No.1"; Chinese well-known singer Song Zuying also joined MISA performance. 2011MISA also invited other famous musician include Qin Liwei, Canzone Trio, Liao Changyong , Lin Daye and Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra, etc.

Shanghai Culture Square