Tsao Chen-Yun

Tsao Chen-Yun Chen-Yun Tsao graduated from the Department of Music, Tainan Women’s College of Arts and Technology (now Tainan University of Technology), and the Department of Spanish Language and Literature of Providence University. Later, she studied in the vocal group of the Department and Institute of Music Education, National Pingtung University of Education.
She started her career as lead singers in the Cuckoo Blue Music Pub (Kaohsiung) and the YBS Pub (Pingtung). Later she participated in the recordings of the commemorative album for the 3rd YAMAHA National Music Competition (“Who lights the fire of love”, composed by Zung-mei Tso) and the psalm album of Alishan (composed by Zung-mei Tso) for the Office of Alishan National Scenic Area.
From 2000 to 2009, she worked as the MC for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Blue Fin Tuna Cultural Festival; during which she also gave guest performance as a singer in Dapeng Bay. She has performed and/or hosted ceremonies for Kending Wind Bell Festival (2001~2005), Pingtung Peninsula Art Festival (2001~2007), Alishan Highland Concert (2004), Kaohsiung Maritime Expo (2006, 2007), Wei-Wu-Ying Orchestral Fiesta (2006, 2007), Tax campaign activities of Kaohsiung (2011), Ballroom Dancing Carnival (2011), (year-end celebrations of) the Labor Affairs of Pingtung County (2012), China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (2012), and Kuopont Powder Coatings Co., Ltd. (2012), the Riverside Concert (2012) and the “Paradise of Art and Imaginations” Ocean Carnival (2012).