Pu Cunxin

Pu Cunxin Pu Cunxin is a Chinese actor who serves as Chairman of China Theatre Association since July 2015. He is also a member of the Beijing Experimental Theater Troupe.
Pu had made many classical roles in many dramas, such as Liu Daming in ‘Shower’, Master Mingjing in ‘Bell of Purity Temple’ and ‘Lu Xun’ etc. In these 20 years, he already made a great contribution in the Chinese filmography industry.
Pu is not only an actor, he is also famous for philanthropy. Pu has been contribute to philanthropy for many years. Back in 2002, he received a reward fromMoving China (a program held by China central Television (cctv) annually) as one of the person most inspired China during that year, because he has made great contribution to promoted preventing AIDS. Pu also found “Pu Cunxin Loving fund” helping children in poor area for their education or medical treatment.