Lin Ting-Chun

 Lin Ting-Chun Born in Kaohsiung, Ting-Chun Lin received a well-rounded music education early in her life from Chan She-Jen, Hsu Chau-Dung, Chang Chun-Hui, Chan Yi-Yuan, Hsiang Shu-Chung and Chau Yuen-Yung. Later she went on to study with Thomas Schmacher, John Perry, Ian Hobson, and was guest-tutored by professors like Liu Meng-Chieh, before she graduated from of the Department of Music, National Sun Yat-Sen University, in 2003. For the past few years, she has participated in multiple touring performances of chamber and orchestral concerts; and won prizes in the Kaohsiung Music Competition and the Hsing Tien Kong Music Competition for Talented Youth.
In 2000, she made appearances in tour performances of the Elite Concerts of National Sun Yat-Sen University. Two years later, she played in the alumni concert of Kaohsiung High School, which was followed by a solo concert a year after. She was the piano player of the “Playing on Piano Keys” series concerts (2007) and the piano accompanist for Ma Hsiao-Pei’s solo flute concert (2008). Lin is now a high school teacher, an accompanist in the Kaohsiung International Masonic Chorus, and a member of the South Taiwan Symphony Orchestra.