Gong Linna

Gong Linna Linna Gong was born in 1975 in Guiyang. She is a Chinese fusion singer. Her style is one which combines the traditional "lightness" and "ch'i" of centuries-old melodies with new lyrics. She has performed many pieces composed or arranged by her husband, German composer Robert Zollitsch who is known inChina as Lao Luo and collaborated with Portuguese fado musician António Chainho.
Her song ‘Tante’ was a fast-paced wordless fusion song, using various standard voices from Chinese opera along with imitations of traditional Chinese instruments. After Gong Linna performed this in Hunan Television's 2010 New Year concert, the song quickly spread in China as a viral video, gaining the nickname "Divine Comedy". She also adapted an ancient poem "Wishing We Last Forever" to a rock version of a classic pop ballad. It can be a new music style in the contemporary music world. She tried to make the ancient more popular. She said she has responsibility to protect the folk music.