Davis, Don

 Davis, Don A native of Anaheim, California, born in 1957, Emmy winning composer Don Davis began playing trumpet and piano at the age of nine, and started writing music at twelve. As his affinity for music grew, so did his aspirations, and soon he was composing and arranging orchestral charts for local jazz ensembles that he also performed with.
After “Beauty and the Beast”, Davis found his career as a composer soaring and he was commissioned to compose scores for dozens of top television movies and series. He provided rousing, brassy music for Steven Spielberg’s “seaQuest DSV”; he contributed a subtle blend of elements for “Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story” (with Ann Margret); and his tense, terse harmonies added a creepy ambience to the critically lauded NBC miniseries “House of Frankenstein” (dir. Peter Werner). Over the years, his television work would present opportunities to compose everything from the austere orchestral stabs in Peter Benchley’s “The Beast”, to the comic woodwind schizophrenia of “Tiny Toon Adventures”, to the new age, iconic string textures of the “Star Trek: The New Generation” series. To date, Don Davis’ television work had garnered eight Emmy nominations and two wins.