Bajo, Mayte

 Bajo, Mayte Mayte Bajo (dance) Classical dancer, choreographer and director, Mayte has a consistent track record forming part of prestigious dance companies as well as heading her own. She commenced her studies with Mariemma who set a major role in her career, and then continued to become principle dancer in Companies such as Nuevo Ballet Español, Miguel Ángel Berna, Antonio Canales, Ibérica de Danza, Paco Peña, Joaquín Cortes etc. Mayte won several awards including the outstanding dancer in Choreography Competition IV Spanish and Flamenco Dance, "Special Mention" in the First Ibero-American Dance Competition and "Lifetime Achievement Recognition" by UNESCO, among others. She has choreographed a diverse series of works, presented in theatres, galas and festivals such as the commemorative 75th Anniversary Gala held at the Maya Plisestkaya Bolshoi in Moscow, the 2002 Millennium Festival, First Latin American Folk Festival Miami International Book Fair in Guadalajara in Mexico, etc.