The Philharmonic Violins Berlin

The Philharmonic Violins Berlin The Philharmonic Violins Berlin was founded by Laurentius Dinca in 1993. His aim was to achieve a new and hitherto unknown experience, to draw the listener into the inner world of the Berlin Philharmonic with all its virtuoso technique and warm sonority. The particular attraction of this unusual group is the chance of hearing the violin section from within, without the support or distraction of any other instruments. Only a piano was to be allowed to accompany and counterbalance the heavenly sounds of the violins, “purely violins”.
However this new world of sound demanded new solutions from arrangers and composers. To begin with suitable pieces were simply arranged. But very soon arrangers were found who were able to range far further afield. With an instinct for innovation they sought and found beguiling solutions for this terra incognita. Two professors from the Berlin “Hanns Eisler” Music Academy, Wolfram Heicking and Gerhard Tittel and the pianist Harry Ermer were the “back-room-boys”.
In addition, a clutch of contemporary composers, Helmut Eder, Herbert Baumann, Roland Leistner-Meyer, Dan Dediu and Jacques Bondon were attracted by the idea of composing for this exclusive ensemble.
The Philharmonic Violins Berlin have made three CDs so far, one in Berlin, the other one in Tokyo and the last one in 2011 for the very famous chamber music Label “Dabringhaus and Grimm” with Vivaldi Concerti. They have toured throughout Europe, have been invited repeatedly to Japan as well as of course bearing the fierce competition at home in Berlin.